Client Testimonials

Testimonials- Real Estate Agents/Owners

Greg, you helped me go from 60 transactions/year to 120/year- and I am a veteran. You have changed the way I look at real estate sales. I am very grateful we met.
KH Delaware
I have a team of 14 people, you were able to help us streamline our processes and enhance our effectiveness, while increasing our production.
JB Texas
I am a 20 yr. veteran, and you were able to help me grow my business over 50% in one year, it is incredible how much more effective and efficient both myself and my agents have become.
JP Indiana
I am a newer agent, and you were able to help me to go from $50k to over a $100k in just one year in the business. I have many new leads and opportunities.
JM Louisiana
Greg, you took our small team of three people from 14hr days, 7 days a week, to 8-hour days and 5 days a week, and we are over 100 transactions per year
SS Indiana
I am an experienced agent, I thought I was doing well, until you came along, my business has grown over 75% and I am on target to reach the $500k commission mark. Thanks for all you have done from myself and my family.
JR Colorado
I am a new agent and wasn't sure you could help me out, boy, was I wrong- you have shown me how to save both money and time- lots of it- it looks like I will quadruple my sales this year thanks for everything.
JL Oregon
After 14+ yrs. in this business, you have opened my eyes and I was able to double my production in one year- I have learned so much, it is amazing.
BD Oregon
We have been in the business for over 25yrs., and we had a growth of over 54% in our entire office production. We received a letter of recognition from the corporate office for our amazing growth and development. "We owe it all to you". "Thanks for your patience, inspiration, and motivational attitude and all the "little secrets" that we were able to utilize in the business".
LM, Colorado
We have seen a marked improvement in our overall transaction volume in the last year. Greg has significantly helped our agents, new and veterans alike, to increase the focus, organization, and motivation of our agents. Many of the agents have doubled or more in their production levels. It has been amazing!!
SO, Washington
I have been in the business for over 30yrs as an agent and manager. I have tried countless programs. Greg has put together the very best training in the industry! The reason for the high quality of training is simple- it is designed by someone who has actually been there and had tremendous success in our industry. This program, Greg designed, is having some amazing results in my office. The "Hands-on" "Face to Face" approach is extremely powerful for my agents. I now have "Real Estate Professionals" in my office. Thank you for your help and guidance.
JG Oregon
After more than 20yrs in the business, I never thought I could grow my business like this- Wow. I am on track to double my business in one year
KH, Indiana
Greg was able to show us how to take our small team to 100+ transactions per year. We've been in business for a long time, thought we knew all the secrets, boy, were we wrong!
MR Colorado
We can't thank you enough for the incredible impact you've had on our entire organization. The improvements are across the board with sales volumes going thru the roof, agent excitement and enthusiasm for their business has never been better. You have been a blessing to us. MBA Delaware
MBA Delaware

Testimonials-Mortgage clients

Greg- thank you for helping myself, my staff, and the other fellow loan officers. We didn't realize all the things we were missing out on with the agents in our community. It is amazing what one phone call can do. We are now able to "Open Doors", once thought closed.
GT Colorado
We have worked with other "Trainers" in the loan business - considered some the very best- well, your concepts, ideas, information, approaches, strategies. Those amazing "Dialogues"
GT Colorado
Our production, applications, and new relationships are unbelievable.
GT Colorado
Greg, I went from just "another loan officer" to the top "10" in my entire company. I thought I was pretty good until you were able to show me how to "Communicate" with agents and clients during a transaction.
TG, Oregon
I have been able to grow my production and generate new business even when everyone else is slowing down. You helped me differentiate myself from the others and set myself up as the "person" to call for help and advice. Thanks a ton
TG, Oregon
WOW Man!! We have generated so many new deals I can't even tell you how excited we are.... with your extensive experience and perspective as a top agent, you can relay information from "Inside" the deal, a place we had never gone before
GT Colorado

These Training programs are designed to accommodate "Small Groups", of all experience levels, and "Highly Committed" "Individuals", usually veterans with many years' of experience. The small groups are very interactive and engaging. The format is set up as a classroom and participants are taken thru detailed steps to understand and comprehend all aspects of the business. The objective is to cause a change, for the agents, in value and purpose, delivering long term results. The Highly Committed Individuals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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