Real Estate Rescue Realty

Delivering Excellence

A DYNAMIC AND COMPREHENSIVE approach to the Real Estate business. We are focused on Empowering agents to provide unmatched customer service experiences while getting support for all aspects of their business, as well as giving clients the opportunity to receive great service and fantastic results. Real Estate Rescue Realty's objective is to create an atmosphere of "Excellence" in the Treasure Valley community.

Greg Ferrera, our founder/owner, and the president, has been in the Real Estate industry for over 28yrs. Greg has extensive experience in all aspects of the business, including being a top-producing agent/with 100+ transactions per year. Greg is passionate about customer service and communication with both clients and fellow associates. Greg created a national sales training company- Peak Achievement- where he traveled the country speaking/training in 100s of real estate offices and worked with 1000s of agents. Greg was able to help agents of all experience levels dramatically increase production while implementing processes and systems for lead follow-up/client communication/lead generation/lower stress for agents.

With Greg's extensive background, experience, drive, and desire to make a difference, as well as his "old school" *personal" and "caring" approach, and watching the market change dramatically, He sees the effects on the agents and the clients. Greg is creating an incredibly special place for both agents and clients. He has designed a comprehensive Real Estate Platform- providing a wide variety of services - from Intensive/hands-on "live" sales training to wealth creation, tax planning, and quality lead generation for long-term success and security for agents and their families.